When the dream comes reality, it's time to wear your battle gear and try to survive through it.

My latest accomplished dream was making to the promised land: Japan.
So you will see stuff about that and things I like (I'm currently really into Ereri, so be warned) ^_^
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hi, i don’t need these things and i don’t want them to just lie around or give them to friends who wouldn’t appreciate them so i’m giving them away so yea i have 6 prizes for 3 people (clicky on pics to enlarge)

  • ACWNR Levi clear-file (B5)
  • Manga!Eren x Anime!Eren clear-file (B5)
  • 2 postcards with Levi/Levi and friends (about twice as big as normal postcards)
  • Eren/Hanji/Levi-Keychain

the files/cards came with Bessatsu Shonen Magazine/ARIA Magazine and i got the keychains from a gachapon so you can’t buy this stuff anywhere (i think) ~

rules and stuff:

  • likes don’t count, reblog as much as you like (but don’t spam your followers…)
  • you don’t have to follow me (but would be nice?)
  • i’ll choose 3 winners randomly in total, i’ll pick the first winner and after he chooses 1 prize and a keychain , i’ll pick the second winner and let him know what’s left and after he chooses, i’ll pick the third winner etc. ok
  • you have to respond within 24 hours and keep your ask box open and also willing to give me your address 
  • i’ll ship anywhere [whines for 6 hours]
  • deadline is august 4th 20:00 JST 
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rin’s hooking up with sousuke in the projection room above the auditorium! nagisa never told anybody that because he is such a good friend!

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wowOWWOW this is amazing h-hello and tysm everyone new and old for putting up with all my dumb jokes and being an emotional wreck over gay swimmers